what does BODY SAFE mean?

The components in our product range, including the materials used, are safe for the human body. The sex toy industry is not fully regulated. Some toys can cause infection and may degrade in the body or deteriorate over time. The safety of sex toys is extremely important. We take pride in being safe and reputable.

Is a toy meant to be used internally or externally?

The use of toys is a personal choice. Most of the time, the name, picture, or description of a toy on our website will tell you what it is meant to be used for. But how you use it is totally up to you! Is it safe to use a toy inside my vagina? Since the vagina is just a few inches long and nothing can go through my cervix, there is no need to worry about anything going into my vagina.

How can I choose a sex toy gift for my partner?

It can be hard to know what to get your partner because everyone likes different things. But there's always something sexy to buy for them. If you're not sure what they're into and don't want to ask them what they like, you might want to consider what they like when you're having sex, or during any kind of sexy play. We have a huge selection of sex toys that you can buy for your partner in our wide range.

Considering a dildo?

Many prefer pressure to vibrations for a richer experience. Dildos can stimulate the G-spot in ways some vibrators may not, offering unique sensations and orgasms. They can also be used with harnesses for penetrative play.

where is the G spot?

The G-spot is an area inside the vagina that can create pleasure when stimulated. Its exact location and sensitivity varies from person to person.in most cases, it’s a few inches forward, directly on the front wall. Gently exploring what feels good internally can help identify if G-spot stimulation is enjoyable.

solo sessions in the shower or tub?

We have waterproof sex toys that can be utilised in the bathroom or shower.

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